If you are willing and able to collect signatures, that is the most important part of any campaign, and we would greatly appreciate the help! Please download Nick’s petition page HERE. Please don’t forget to print page 2 on the back of page 1. Thank you again for the help!

Sign the Nomination Petition Online

Nomination Petitions can be signed by any registered Independent or Republican voter in the state of Arizona. The Secretary of State uses your driver license to verify your voter status and district, so please have it handy.

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HERE is a link to the printable signature form. Please get your friends to sign as well!

Donate $5

A Clean Elections candidate is required to collect $5 donations in order to receive funding for their campaign. Each $5 equates to roughly $200 in funding for the campaign. It truly is the best $5 you can spend to support the candidate that shares your values!

The period for qualifying contributions begins August 1, 2021. We would greatly appreciate your return visit once the qualifying period begins.

Donate Seed Money

Click HERE to see a description of “Seed Money”. Clean Campaigns cannot be effective without Seed Money donations. Your help is greatly appreciated!

Donate an Early Contribution online HERE!

Of course, cash and Checks are very welcome. If you prefer, please download THIS FORM and send with a check to the campaign.