• Commission Chat 4: What is Regulatory Lag?
    Lots of discussion at the open meeting this week about something called “regulatory lag”. We discuss what it is and how it affects the ratepayers.
  • Commission Chat 3: Swearing-In, first Open Meeting and Staff Meeting
    We talk a little about the swearing-in ceremony from yesterday, our first Open Meeting next week, and our first Staff Meeting. The big item on this agenda is the Southwest Gas Rate Case which has been highly discussed.
  • Commission Chat 2: Agenda 1/3/23 and Discussion on Meetings
    This video discusses the various types of meetings at the Commission and what exactly is done in Executive Sessions. Then we cover the agenda for the swearing-in on January 3, 2023, and I will give you a little insight into my portion.
  • Commission Chat 1: Recap of 12/6/22 Open Meeting
    Welcome to my new series entitled “Commission Chat”! This will be a combination of live streams and recorded videos. First, I want to start providing the items coming up at the commission meetings and a recap after the Open Meetings. I will also try to do live updates in the future where we get other…