Tomorrow and Wednesday (4/12/21 and 4/13/21) will be the monthly open meeting. On the agenda are a handful of rate cases, electric vehicle rulemaking and tariff discussions, solar “lost cost” discussion, discussion about using the Universal Service Fund for broadband deployment in AZ, Code of Ethics discussions, and a handful of miscellaneous items. As usual, most of these items will include opportunity for public comment, so if you have anything to say, this will be the time to make your voices heard.

HB2248 is the bill introduced by Representative Gail Griffin that codifies in law the EXISTING renewable energy rules. I highlight the fact that they are existing because it would effectively stop the proposed energy rules at the Corporation Commission from being adopted. Remember, the voters overwhelmingly shut down the “Arizona Green New Deal”, Prop 127, just a couple of years ago. Unfortunately, the Commission effectively decided that was the “wrong decision” by the people and took it upon themselves to not only introduce the same rules, but took it a step further and by adding a 100% ban on carbon by 2050. You can read the legislation for yourself here.

Unfortunately, Senator Paul Boyer is the lone vote that is holding up the passage of HB2248. I would urge you all to contact Mr. Boyer: 602-926-4173 or and express your concerns about him holding up the legislature in taking ownership of this important issue.