In this weeks campaign update, I am proud to announce an endorsement by current Commissioner Jim O’Connor! His letter is below:

Blessings to my fellow Arizona Patriots,

Your AZ Corporation Commission needs your continuing attention and support. We are off to a strong start in 2021 with Republicans controlling the Commission. In 2022 we will have two Commission seats up for election and I am leading the effort early to focus on getting two strong Constitutional “We the People” Conservatives to join us on the Commission.

One of the most outstanding Republican Candidates running in the 2020 Republican Primary for Corporation Commission was Nick Myers. A homeowner in San Tan Valley, Nick represented his neighbors in their five-year battle for safe drinking water with Johnson Utilities. Nick has been standing up for his fellow homeowners as a volunteer for years.

Nick was a big part in my successful write-in campaign last summer and ultimate victory in November’s general election. He spoke at many meetings when I was unable to be at two places at the same time.  Since then, he has been serving as Commissioner Justin Olson’s policy advisor at the Commission. His on-the-job training for this position has already begun. You will be meeting him again as the campaign begins formally later this year. But for now, I ask you to visit his website:

Once there please take immediate action by clicking on Sign Nominating Petition link to the Secretary of State’s website to sign Nick’s petition online. Then click on Donate Seed Money link to contribute any amount online.

You will want this fine man to join Justin, Lea and me voting your values here on the Commission. Nick will be running under Clean Election rules and will be coming to us again in August to collect his $5.00 contributions from one and all.