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Nick brings a unique skill set to the Commission. He spent 20 years in engineering and information technology, including management, before semi-retiring. He then owned and operated a handful of small businesses. One of his businesses was water distribution. During that time he fought tirelessly and successfully to bring justice to ratepayers in the form of relief from abusive water company operators.

Nick then successfully managed Jim O’Connor’s bid for Corporation Commission in 2020, including a groundbreaking write-in campaign. Not only was this the first successful write-in campaign for a statewide office, but Jim and Nick were able to acquire almost SEVEN TIMES the required number of write-in votes in the primary elections. Nick continued with the campaign through the general election where Jim subsequently won the seat.

Nick currently works as a policy advisor for Commissioner Justin Olson at the Arizona Corporation Commission, is an elected Precinct Committeeman, State Committeeman and Vice Chair of the Pinal County Republican Committee. The National Association Regulatory Utility Commissioners just appointed Nick to the Subcommittee on Critical Infrastructure.

Read more in this PDF: Why I’m Running