Meet Nick

After 20 years of experience in the software engineering space, managing engineers and writing software, I left my job to be an entrepreneur. Over the course of 12 years, I started several successful companies, including a water delivery business in Pinal County. As a community leader, I’ve advocated for my neighbors and fought an abusive utility company — and won. Now I serve as Commissioner Olson’s policy advisor, constantly digesting information and policy proposals. I have on-the-job training and can start serving Arizonans on the Corporation Commission on day one.

For the past five years, I have been on the frontlines fighting against empty promises, discrimination, irresponsible rate setting, corruption, and utilities refusing service at the Corporation Commission. Arizonans need someone with a proven track record who is willing to stand up for the people and proactively look out for their best interests. Arizona utility customers should never have connection issues. We should never need to fight abusive utility companies that force you to pay more than what is fair. As our next Corporation Commissioner, I’m committed to affordable and predictable utilities for all. Gone are the days of sudden rate hikes. Gone are special interests calling the shots over Arizonans. It’s time to put us — the people of Arizona — first.

Why are you running?


I know what it’s like to have my utility service terminated with no explanation, no reason, and no notice from the utility company. Instead of sitting on my hands, I decided to do something about it. I fought the abusive water utility— and won.

My background includes 20 years of software engineering and management in the telecommunications and semiconductor industries.  I also have over 12 years of experience in small business including industries like aviation, telecommunications, IT, entertainment, and, of course, utility.

After winning my battle with the utility, I was asked by a Commissioner to join his staff as a policy advisor, so my on-the-job training started then. Not only do I have recent, relevant utility and regulatory experience, but I have combined that with a proven passion to fight for consumers while keeping the utility in check. I’m motivated to keep utilities focused, our grid reliable, and ensure every Arizonan has access to reliable, affordable energy, water, and gas.


After 25 years of working at every level in the energy industry, I have the boots-on-the-ground experience that many do not — and in this role, experience matters. We can’t afford someone without experience who will raise your energy bill, impose mandates, and push subsidies that hurt families and small businesses.

I have a solid conservative record serving on the Mesa City Council and in-the-trenches experience in the energy industry. You can count on me to fight for you and be your advocate on the Corporation Commission. You can count on me to stop California-style policies in their tracks and ensure a reliable and secure energy future.

Why are you the best candidates?

We are the only candidates with on-the-ground in-the-trenches experience — a combined 30 years — and we know how to do the job. In fact, We will be the first commissioners since 1991 with more than just political sound bites, we’ll have actual experience to lean on when fighting for Arizonans. When your Corporation Commissioners have fought abusive utilities themselves and have actually worked in the industry for many years, you know you’re getting a level-headed team who can actually deliver reliable, affordable energy.

We have two priorities, as outlined by the Arizona Constitution: protect the energy grid and the consumer. We will do nothing less and nothing more — we’ll leave the policy making to the Arizona legislature, where it belongs. We won’t sacrifice cheap, reliable energy for “green” mandates, and we won’t abandon grid resiliency for California-style energy policy. We know how that turns out (think rolling blackouts and brownouts).

We are the only candidates focused on bringing regulatory stability to Arizona. We will ensure that Arizona continues to have access to affordable energy so small businesses and working families can keep thriving, despite inflation. Vote to secure Arizona’s energy future with the Myers/Thompson Corporation Commission team on November 8th!

Top Issues

End Mandates and Subsidies to Lower Energy Costs

There is no reason why Arizonans should be footing the bill for subsidies to pay for electric vehicles and charging stations. There is no reason to stifle innovation by imposing restrictive mandates and energy technologies that only hurt consumers in the long run. Instead, we need to get the government out of the way and allow the market to innovate our energy future while ensuring that families and small businesses still have access to reliable, affordable energy.

As your next Corporation Commissioners, we will end taxpayer-funded subsidies and mandates that raise your energy bill. The current system is inequitable and unsustainable. It’s time we put Arizonans first, not last.

Encourage Energy Innovation by Removing Regulatory Barriers to (i.e. nuclear, biomass, hydrogen)

Current energy mandates prevent the exploration of new energy technologies while prioritizing inefficient methods. They essentially allow the government to pick winners and losers. It’s time we reinvest in nuclear energy. Because current energy standards aren’t up to the task of meeting Arizona’s energy needs, we need affordable energy from clean coal and gas while also encouraging innovation.

As your next Corporation Commissioners, we will remove the regulatory barriers and allow companies to innovate new energy technologies, including nuclear, biomass, hydrogen, and more. We will get the government out of the way so Arizona can produce the energy we need today and into the future.

Protecting Consumers and Small Businesses by Holding Utilities Accountable

After we remove harmful mandates and eliminate subsidies, we will monitor that the utilities are doing their job appropriately. We know that small businesses and residents move to Arizona for the tax environment, educated workforce, and economic development, but that’s all fueled by affordable energy.

As your next Corporation Commissioners, we will use the tools and resources available to ensure utilities are doing what’s best for consumers and direct utilities to have a thorough roadmap for Arizona’s energy future.

Maintaining Grid Stability and Reliability

People are fleeing states like California because of constant rolling blackouts and brownouts as a result of mandates and bad energy policy. To stop Arizona from experiencing the same fate, we need to account for new growth by ensuring a stable and reliable energy grid. There are currently no plans for increased energy generation even though our population continues to grow exponentially. We cannot continue to rely on purchasing power from other states.

As your next Corporation Commissioners, we will secure Arizona’s energy independence. We have the opportunity to be an example of grid stability and reliability through an all-of-the above energy approach. On day one, we will implement a plan to ensure grid stability while securing reliable, affordable energy for every Arizonan.

Return Policy Making Back to the Legislature

Under Article 15 of the Arizona Constitution, the Corporation Commission has two jobs: protect consumers/ensure grid stability and set just and reasonable rates. Under no constitutional authority is the Corporation Commission granted lawmaking power. There is no reason why a three-person majority should decide energy policy for the entire state.

As your next Corporation Commissioners, we will return policy making back to the Arizona Legislature where it belongs. In addition, we will build a working relationship with the legislature to ensure the Commission has a seat at the table for policy recommendations, not mandates. This is how we secure reliable, affordable energy for every household and business while keeping the Corporation Commission accountable to the people of Arizona.

My running mate for the second seat is Kevin Thompson, visit his site here: