Meet Nick


Most importantly, I am a husband and a father.  I have been married to my lovely wife, Katerina, for over 19 years.  We have three daughters and have run a family business together for almost a decade.  

I have spent the last seven years interacting with the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC or Commission).  The first 4 years were spent working to remedy decades of water issues for my community.  I understand first-hand the trials and tribulations of dealing with the Commission from a ratepayer viewpoint.  This experience places me in a unique position to fight for people like you, the customers of the utilities. 

Accomplishments at the Commission include

  • Restoring water service to a local community that had their water removed arbitrarily and capriciously by the local utility
  • Helping a customer who was discriminated against by a utility with her formal complaint, and ultimate settlement with the utility
  • Initiating a groundbreaking effort within the state of Arizona that culminated in getting an interim manager installed into a Class A utility that had been abusing customers and ratepayer money for over 20 years; ultimately leading to the sale of the utility to a reputable water company

Values and Examples

  • Know the Position: Currently a Policy Advisor to Commissioner Justin Olson.  My on-the-job training has already started!
  • Transparency and Accountability: Currently working with commission staff to revamp the Commission website to make it more user friendly and to show voting records of Commissioners.
  • Limited Government: Advocated for legislation, limiting the power of the Commission and returning policy making to the legislature where it belongs.
  • Low and Fair Utility Rates: Research issues and guide policy at the commission to limit the amount and number of subsidies and mandates issued by the Commission.  Consistently advocating for policies that keep infrastructure reliable and rates low.
  • Prevent Government Abuse: Contributing to possible modifications to the Commission code of ethics preventing clean elections from being weaponized.

Why I’m Running

Arizonans need someone that is willing to stand up for them now, and in the future.  Someone who will look out for their best interests proactively instead of reactively.  The ACC has ONE MAIN JOB as defined by the constitution, to set just and reasonable rates and charges while keeping our infrastructure safe and reliable.  Arizona needs a commissioner that will keep the Commission on-track and focused primarily on this task.

My running mate for the second open seat is Kevin Thompson. Kevin and I are your conservative team for Corporation Commission this cycle.