• Commission Chat 17: Optimism from FERC!
    In this video I go over some of the slides presented at a meeting with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and why I think some of this is positive news and why I am optimistic!
  • Commission Chat 16: Return on Equity
    In this video we explore what ROE is, why it is important, how it is set by the Arizona Corporation Commission, and why the phrase “No utility should earn more than 2% ROE” is completely misguided and detrimental.
  • Commission Chat 15: Public Comment Discussions and Automated Agenda Software
    I give a sneak peek of the upcoming automated agenda software and a look at why we needed an adjustment to the public comment signup process that everyone is up in arms about right now.
  • Commission Chat 14: CA is dragging down AZ energy!
    A look at the California ISO energy market and how it is affecting all the states at the time this video was being made. Link to the page in the video: https://www.caiso.com/TodaysOutlook/Pages/prices.html
  • Commission Chat 13: Lots of updates!
    In this video, we discuss the following:The fastest regular Open Meeting that I’ve seenAPS Marketing and Trading tourWorking with ADOA on website updatesI’ve been appointed to represent AZ on a couple boards to share power in the western USTEP rate caseProp 412 in TucsonRio Verde Foothills water issueAn EPA workshop on forever chemicals in our…