• Commission Chat 12: Baseload and Renewable Interaction
    In this video, we discuss baseload and how renewables and solar interact with the baseload, and why it’s becoming a real problem.
  • Commission Chat 11: Effective Public Comment
    How to give effective public comment before the commission, and likely other regulatory or government bodies. This is not an authority on the subject, but following these steps will help you stand out amongst most other commenters. Don’t forget to like and share this video with your friends!
  • Commission Chat 10: OM Recap and new ED
    We recap the Open Meeting this week, including the very hot topic of Community Solar and how the votes fell. We also welcome our new Executive Director, Doug Clark.
  • Commission Chat 9: SRP Water Release, Newsletter, and Upcoming Agenda
    SRP is releasing a bunch of water from Bartlett dam, Commissioner Thompson kicked off his newsletter updates (sign up https://azcc.us21.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=e9a3c20d7e5eeddfd26568ad7&id=2cac1d2d3b), and we discuss the upcoming agenda.
  • Commission Chat 8 – OM Recap
    We recap the open meeting this week. I forgot to mention the acronym DDSR which is Distributed Demand Side Resources. To get email updates on upcoming Commission Chat videos, go to www.nickmyers.us and sign up!