The Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) is designated in the Arizona constitution as the regulatory governing entity responsible for setting rates of non-municipal (revenue generating) utility companies. The ACC scope includes rate setting of energy, gas, water, telecommunications backbone services and further includes registration of corporations, and railroad/pipeline safety.

In short, the ACC determines what rates your utility companies can charge you for water and power; thereby impacting your family’s budget.

The ACC has a history of branching out their scope of authority by edging ever closer into policy making. While this is allowed via their permissive authority, it is ultimately a secondary function to their primary, plenary, authority of rate setting. It is important to have a Commissioner that understands this division and helps to keep the ACC on-track, focused on keeping rates low, and not spending valuable resources on additional policy that is outside their plenary authority.

Control of the 5 Member Board of Commissioners is at stake in this election with 2 open seats to be determined.