I was forwarded an email containing a write-up on a specific point made at the IRP meeting last week at the Commission. Mr. Wannamaker did a great job explaining the point and the importance of contacting the commissioners NOW regarding the upcoming energy rules. You can find PDF copy of his article HERE.

This week we have our regular monthly open meeting. As described last week:

“This agenda has a lot of items on it and promises to be a lot of stuff going on. If you only watch one meeting, this monthly meeting is the one to pay attention to. The consent agenda consists of the first 19 items, but you can expect the commissioners to pull a few of those items for further discussion. On that list are things like granting CC&N’s for new telecommunications services, approvals of surcharges, and some net metering tariff adjustments. Items 20 through 29 are regular agenda items and contain some updates (EPCOR/Johnson Utilities), Rate modifications for various aspects of service (Arizona Water Company, APS, TEP) and some Commission related discussion topics such as electric disconnect rules, the PFAS water contamination issue in the West Valley, rate case modifications for small utilities, and potential changes to the code of ethics.

It’s worth noting that most, of these items on the agenda have an opportunity for public comment. If you desire, please feel free to call in and express your opinions. The call information can be found on the agendas at the link below.

All of these agendas, times, and links to watch online can be found at www.azcc.gov/live.”

After the open meeting is typically a staff meeting and this week is no exception. The agenda for the staff meeting can also be found at the link above. This meeting typically doesn’t have any public comment, but is open for the public to listen in. Normally, the Commissioners use this meeting to direct the rest of the commission and get status/feedback from them. If you want a little insight in the inner workings of the AZCC, this meeting is for you.

On Thursday (March 25th, 2021) at 5:45pm, Commissioner Tovar is hosting a Virtual Town Hall for residents in the West Valley to discuss issues regarding the bottled water advisory from Luke Air Force Base.

Finally, there will also be some telephonic hearings for Liberty Utilities and Johnson Utilities regarding the rate cases.

Next week, on Tuesday March 30th, 2021, is the summer preparedness meeting. This is an opportunity for the Commission and the Utilities to make sure everyone is ready for the summer.

Also next week are a few telephonic hearing where, again, you can get information on what is happening with your utilities. In the upcoming hearings will be Arcadian Infracom 1, LLC, Quail Creek Water Co., Inc., Epcor Water Arizona Inc., and Global Water – Santa Cruz Water Company, Inc.

Have a great week everyone!